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Real Cowboys in Ebino, Japan!
Nagahama Monster Growls in Nobeoka
Nagahama BeachComber Monument 2009 by Howard Ahner
Junkyard Blues in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka, Japan
Real Cowboys in Ebino, Japan!
Tsurugaoka Shadow, The Man in Japan!
Bowing and Scooting in Japan
Nobeoka English Classes
Gunma Tornado
Swollen Rivers and Mudslides in northern Kyushu
Tax Non-Diet Drinks?
Slim Whitey and Howard Ahner July 26, 2009
Nagahama Semi (Cicada)
Nagahama Subterranian Umbrella Vandals
My Guardian Keiko
Nagahama Newspaper
Nobeoka Newspaper
Nobeoka Shimbun
Kadogawa Shimbun
NobeGase Tripping
Okita River Shimbun
Atagoyama Pilot
Gokase Shimbun
Pink Panther in Meisui Nobeoka
Basketball at the Ahner House in Nobeoka
The Nagahama Stalker
Hyuga Treehouse
Kadogawa Tower
Kadogawa Viewpoint
Kadogawa Long Brim Viewer

Are these real coyboys?

Nevertheless, I encouraged myself by thinking that if the teaching of  the Lotus Sutra were indeed true and the gods of the sun and moon  did not abandon me, I might yet have an opportunity to return to  Kamakura and also visit my parents' grave. Climbing a high  mountain, I would shout these words aloud: "What has happened to  Bonten, Taishaku, the gods of the sun and moon, and the Four  Heavenly Kings? Are Tehsho Daijin and Hachiman no longer in this  country? Do you intend to break the vow you made in the Buddha's  presence and forsake the votary of the Lotus Sutra? Even if you fail  to protect me, Nichiren, I will have no regrets, no matter what may  happen to me. Remember, however, what you each solemnly  pledged in the presence of the Lord Shakyamuni, Taho Buddha and  all the Buddhas of the ten directions. If you do not protect me,  Nichiren, now, but instead abandon me, will you not be making a  great lie out of the Lotus Sutra, in which the Buddha declared that he  was 'honestly discarding the provisional teachings?' You have  deceived all the Buddhas throughout the ten directions and the three  existences, an offense even graver than Devadatta's outrageous  falsehoods and more blameworthy than Kokalika's deceptions. Now  you may be respected as Great Bonten and live at the top of the  world of form, or be revered as the Thousand-eyed God and dwell  on the summit of Mount Sumeru. But if you discard me, Nichiren, you  will become firewood to feed the flames of the Avichi Hell and be  forever confined to the great citadel of incessant suffering. If you  dread committing this offense, make haste to manifest some sign to  the country [showing my teachings to be correct], so that I may be  permitted to return home!"




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