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Nagahama BeachComber Monument 2009 by Howard Ahner
Nagahama Monster Growls in Nobeoka
Nagahama BeachComber Monument 2009 by Howard Ahner
Junkyard Blues in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka, Japan
Real Cowboys in Ebino, Japan!
Tsurugaoka Shadow, The Man in Japan!
Bowing and Scooting in Japan
Nobeoka English Classes
Gunma Tornado
Swollen Rivers and Mudslides in northern Kyushu
Tax Non-Diet Drinks?
Slim Whitey and Howard Ahner July 26, 2009
Nagahama Semi (Cicada)
Nagahama Subterranian Umbrella Vandals
My Guardian Keiko
Nagahama Newspaper
Nobeoka Newspaper
Nobeoka Shimbun
Kadogawa Shimbun
NobeGase Tripping
Okita River Shimbun
Atagoyama Pilot
Gokase Shimbun
Pink Panther in Meisui Nobeoka
Basketball at the Ahner House in Nobeoka
The Nagahama Stalker
Hyuga Treehouse
Kadogawa Tower
Kadogawa Viewpoint
Kadogawa Long Brim Viewer



First, for you to ask a question about the Lotus Sutra is a rare source of good fortune. In this age of the Latter Day of the Law, those who ask about the meaning of even one phrase or verse of the Lotus Sutra are much fewer than those who can hurl great Mount Sumeru to another land like a stone, or those who can kick the entire galaxy away like a ball. They are even fewer than those who can embrace and teach countless other sutras, thereby enabling the priests and laymen who listen to them to obtain the six mystic powers. Equally rare is a priest who can explain the meaning of the Lotus Sutra and clearly answer questions concerning it. The Hoto chapter in the fourth volume of the Lotus Sutra sets forth the important principle of six difficult and nine easy acts. Your asking a question about the Lotus Sutra is among the six difficult acts. This is a sure indication that if you embrace the Lotus Sutra, you will certainly attain Buddhahood. Since the Lotus Sutra defines our life as the Buddha's life, our mind as the Buddha's wisdom and our actions as the Buddha's behavior, all who embrace and believe in even a single phrase or verse of this sutra will be endowed with these three properties. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is only one phrase, but it contains the essence of the entire sutra. You asked whether one can attain Buddhahood only by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, and this is the most important question of all. It is the heart of the entire sutra and the substance of its eight volumes.




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