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Nagahama Monster Growls in Nobeoka
Nagahama Monster Growls in Nobeoka
Nagahama BeachComber Monument 2009 by Howard Ahner
Junkyard Blues in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka, Japan
Real Cowboys in Ebino, Japan!
Tsurugaoka Shadow, The Man in Japan!
Bowing and Scooting in Japan
Nobeoka English Classes
Gunma Tornado
Swollen Rivers and Mudslides in northern Kyushu
Tax Non-Diet Drinks?
Slim Whitey and Howard Ahner July 26, 2009
Nagahama Semi (Cicada)
Nagahama Subterranian Umbrella Vandals
My Guardian Keiko
Nagahama Newspaper
Nobeoka Newspaper
Nobeoka Shimbun
Kadogawa Shimbun
NobeGase Tripping
Okita River Shimbun
Atagoyama Pilot
Gokase Shimbun
Pink Panther in Meisui Nobeoka
Basketball at the Ahner House in Nobeoka
The Nagahama Stalker
Hyuga Treehouse
Kadogawa Tower
Kadogawa Viewpoint
Kadogawa Long Brim Viewer



Even if the ruler should commit evil or perverse deeds, the first, second or third time he does so, the deities will refrain from punishing him. But if he carries out acts that are displeasing to the heavenly gods and other deities, then they will at first cause prodigies and strange happenings to appear in the sky and on the earth in order to reprimand him. And if he goes too far in his misdeeds, the heavenly gods and other benevolent deities will abandon and depart from his state. Or, if the merit that the ruler has acquired by observing the precepts should be entirely exhausted, then when the time comes his state may simply perish. Or, again, if his crimes and evil deeds pile up in excessive numbers, then his state may be overthrown by a neighboring kingdom. And whether for good or evil, the people of the state will invariably share the same fate as the ruler.




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